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Union Mills Homestead Executive Director Position

24 Jan 2023 8:01 PM | Robin MacDonald (Administrator)

Union Mills Homestead Foundation, Inc.  

Executive Director Position  

The Union Mills Homestead Foundation, Inc., founded in 1964, is dedicated to the preservation  and operation of the historic Union Mills Homestead and Grist Mill. As identified in recent  strategic planning, the Foundation’s vision is to be a leading historic site inspiring Americans  with authentic stories of determination and innovation of the Shriver family at Union Mills,  Maryland, illustrating the entrepreneurial spirit of American families. The Foundation is looking  for a new Executive Director to implement its strategic plan and achieve identified initiatives and  goals, maintaining a welcoming environment for visitors, volunteers, and staff.  

The Foundation’s Executive Director provides organizational leadership and promotes the  Foundation’s mission to a wide range of stakeholders, both locally and regionally. S/he guides  outreach, collections stewardship, and site interpretation. Reporting to the Executive Committee  of the Board of Governors, the Executive Director is responsible for day-to-day management and  administration of the Foundation and its house and mill museum, continually assessing programs  and anticipating future challenges and opportunities. This individual must be an excellent  communicator, adaptable and willing to pitch in where needed. S/he must lead with respect,  cooperation, and innovation and work collaboratively with staff, volunteers, members, and other  stakeholders. A deep appreciation for history and historic preservation is essential.  


1) Mission and Strategy: Work with the Board and staff to advance the Foundation’s mission  and see that it is fulfilled through its museum operations, educational programs, community  outreach, research, and communications.  

Oversee and support the development and implementation of programs that carry out the  Foundation’s strategic plan.  

Work closely with the Foundation’s educational, governmental, and museum partners.  Establish partnerships with community organizations to advance the Foundation’s mission.  Enhance the Foundation’s image and credibility by being active and visible in the community

2) Financial Performance and Viability: Manage monetary resources to ensure the  Foundation’s financial health.  

Propose an annual budget and provide the Board with regular financial statements that  accurately reflect the Foundation’s financial condition.  

Provide fiscal management that anticipates operating within an approved budget, ensures  efficient resource utilization, and maintains the Foundation’s sound financial position.  Lead and participate in all fundraising and development activities, including grant writing and  fundraising events.  

Maintain and expand the membership program.  

Build relationships with current and potential major donors.  

3) Government Relations: Work with relevant Government agencies to advocate for the  Foundation’s mission and coordinate support as required. 

Maintain positive relationships with appointed and elected officials including Carroll County’s  Board of Commissioners and staff. 

Serve as primary point of contact for communications with Carroll County. 

4) Board Relations: Work with the Board to support effective governance and to achieve Board directed priorities.  

Collaborate with the Board to ensure the Foundation remains focused on our identified  mission, vision, and values and priorities established in the strategic plan.  

Communicate effectively with the Board and provide it with the information necessary to  make informed decisions.  

Participate regularly with Executive Committee and other committees as ex officio member.  Adhere to established policies and procedures/update Board Handbook and Staff Manual as  appropriate.  

Undertake duties beyond those listed, as assigned by the Board.  

5) Museum Operations: Oversee nonfinancial resources to ensure successful ongoing  operations of the Union Mills Homestead.  

Hire, supervise, and retain competent, qualified staff.  

Oversee house and mill museum operations, including items concerning building  maintenance, museum collections, marketing, and historical interpretation.  

Oversee all personnel associated with the Foundation and its operations, including paid staff,  volunteers, cleaning personnel, and persons under contract for specific projects.  Serve as spokesperson and chief advocate for the Foundation, directing community outreach.  Effectively monitor and maintain physical plant and equipment, including the historic  structures and any other physical assets.  

Serve as park manager for the Union Mills Homestead Park, controlling usage and  coordinating support as required with Carroll County Government.  


A Bachelor’s degree, Master’s preferred, in relevant field(s) (such as museum studies/  education, history, nonprofit/business administration), with museum background a plus.  Ideally ten or more years professional experience, including five or more years relevant  management experience.  

Experience with nonprofit governing boards, volunteer management and/or membership  organizations.  

Transparent and high integrity leadership with a strong and energetic work ethic.  Financial management skills, including budget preparation, analysis, decision making and  reporting.  

Solid organizational abilities, including planning, delegating, program development and task  facilitation.  

Strong written, oral, and public speaking communication skills and the ability to envision and  convey the Foundation’s mission and strategic plan to staff, board, volunteers, donors and the  broader community, including local and state government.  

Excellent member relationship skills and understanding of the funding community.  Willingness to handle new challenges and tasks.  

Ability to oversee and work collaboratively with staff in a respectful team environment.  Tech skills appropriate to position (Microsoft Office/Wordpress/PastPerfect or equivalent) Availability and willingness to keep a flexible schedule, including some evenings/weekends.  

This full-time job offers a flexible work schedule and competitive compensation ($55,000 salary  plus a tax-free allowance for health insurance). Applicants should send a cover letter and resume  to by February 10, 2023.

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