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Executive Director - The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

15 Mar 2023 1:20 PM | Seanna Caddell

Executive Director Opportunity

The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures

Job Description - Executive Director

Salary Range: $95,000 to 110,000 DOE

Summary of Position: 

Functions as Executive Director and is responsible to the Board of Directors. Provides direct supervision to the leadership team. Responsible for the overall executive leadership and hands-on management of the organization to include community relations, fundraising, program development, financial management, resource development, human resources, and facilities management. This job is an on-site, full-time job and is not eligible for remote work on a regular or ongoing basis.

Essential Job Functions and Responsibilities: 

·       Develop and maintain a variety of fund development strategies to build the resources of the organization. 

·       Hire, train, and oversee employees to establish a competent, motivated, and client-centered staff. 

·       Manage and evaluate direct report staff, to ensure progress and compliance in their assigned programs, roles, and funding requirements. 

·       Ensure organization’s human resource policies and practices are clear and complete, with a system that is compliant with laws and regulations. 

·       Work closely with government funders, foundations, and donors to ensure adequate resources are available. 

·       Work closely with the finance staff to develop an annual budget and monitor income and expenditures for compliance with the board-approved budget. 

·       Ensure financial stability of the organization through financial planning, grants development, donor development, incorporating program leaders into appropriate aspects of resource development. 

·       Write grants to procure funding and/or supervise others who are involved in grant writing. 

·       Monitor compliance with contracts and service commitments. Review and sign contracts on 
behalf of the organization. 

·       Work closely with management staff to identify and track outcomes for each program in compliance with each resource’s reporting and data requirements. 

·       Develop, maintain, and update policies and procedures for programs operation and financial transactions. 

·       Develop and implement community awareness and marketing initiatives to community outreach, volunteer recruitment, and fund development. 

  • ·       Serve as primary staff liaison to the Board of Directors and work closely with all Board Committees to plan for organization growth and development. 

·       Ensure that the Board of Directors is informed on important issues, including but not limited to trends, risk management, potential liability, and policy changes. 

·       Ensure Board of Directors receives all information connected to their governance role in providing oversight for the organization. 

·       Attend all Board of Directors meetings. 

·       Identify, join and attend appropriate leadership networks that build the museum and improve awareness of it in Tucson and museum community.

Essential Competencies

Fundraising and Development:

·       Develops and implements comprehensive, sustainable, and diverse fundraising strategies. Considers recommendations of staff and Board of Directors regarding funding opportunities. 

·       Actively and purposefully engages current and new contacts and cultivates donors to continually develop fundraising channels and opportunities. 

·       Ensures that the necessary personnel, systems, and software are in place to manage, track, and develop fundraising efforts. 

·       Sends timely acknowledgements for donations and pledges received. 


·       Operates with integrity, honesty, and transparency, in a reliable and respectful way, with staff, Board members, donors, agencies, volunteers and community members.

·       Interacts with and able to manage, coach and guide all levels of staff and volunteers to create encouraging environment for programs to thrive while also ensuring program targets are met and programs comply with all legal and internal program requirements. Responsible for oversight for program evaluation process to track program effectiveness and improve program efficiency. 

·       Builds strong relationships within the organization and externally with community organizations and regional like organizations.

·       Attends program events and functions to support the organization. 

·       Manages personnel through ensuring adherence to personnel policies, overseeing employee evaluation and discipline processes, and seeking outside counsel appropriately to ensure legal compliance. 

·       Ensures employees are qualified to perform the requirements of their positions. 

·       Develops staff through training, professional development, and management to build their competencies and skills. 

·       Consistently makes decisions through thoughtful analysis, demonstrating good judgment, and is a resource for advice and solutions throughout the organization. 

·       Accepts and acts on constructive feedback and provides constructive feedback to others in a respectful and courteous way. 

·       Serves to empower others while delegating responsibilities.

Communication :

·       Speaks publicly and develops community relationships to promote visibility, community understanding of the mission, and funding resources. 

·       Communicates effectively to promote the organization in written materials and traditional / social media. 

·       Positively engages with a variety of people to build constructive relationships, including program participants, media, staff, volunteers, Board members, donors, community organizers/leaders, collaborating organizations and others. 

·       Handles and defuses tense situations when required, including mediating workplace or volunteer situations to a workplace appropriate conclusion. 

·       Engages with the Board of Directors, management staff, and donors in a clear, honest, and consistent way. 

·       Promotes and engages in up to date diversity practice in all areas of the Museum.


·       Fully believes in and promotes the mission of the MTM. 

·       Able to think and act strategically.

·       Considers the future of the Museum and how that evolution will look.

·       Excellent organizational skills:  Able to organize, delegate, and manage a wide variety of programs, people, and business aspects. Prioritizes and focuses on the most important needs first. 

·       Develops short and long-term organizational goals, and the methods to achieve them, to ensure future sustainability and growth. Accurately assesses the time / resources required and difficulty of goals while setting manageable steps to achieve those goals. Evaluates progress toward goals and adjusts for setbacks. 

·       Ensures organization continues to meet the changing needs of the community through enhancing current programs and developing new programs. 

·       Inspires others through an optimistic attitude that engages others in setting goals and their achievement. 

·       Oversees timely development, review, and implementation of all documents necessary to meet the organization’s legal requirements. 

·       Develops working relationships throughout community to maintain respect for his/herself and the organization. 

Financial Management:

·       Creates, with the finance staff, a transparent and accurate budget that is attainable. Makes decisions on program or staffing reductions or expansions needed to ensure financial stability of organization. 

·       Timely and fully informs Board of Directors of organization financial status. 

·       Supervises use of funding to ensure expenditure of funds meets grant or other restrictions. 

·       Ensures organization accurately and timely meets tax reporting and payment obligations. 

Education, Qualifications, and Abilities 

Minimum Qualifications

·       Bachelor’s Degree is required; MBA or MFA preferred. 

·       Minimum of seven years of experience in management in a nonprofit setting or its equivalent. 

·       Experience in fundraising and grant writing. 

·       Experience managing staff and budgets.

Preferred Qualifications

·       Master’s Degree–MBA, MFA, or related advanced degree or studies.

·       Museum experience to include work or volunteer experience.

·       Certified Fund Raising Executive (CFRE). 

·       Demonstrated leadership skills and three years of senior leadership experience.

·       Prior experience working with a board of directors.

·       Advanced computer skills to include Microsoft Office suite, databases, financial software, social media platforms.

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