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Executive Director

24 Oct 2023 12:06 PM | Tony Ngo

Executive Director

Princeton, New Jersey


Home to one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence and to five New Jersey governors, Morven has played a role in the history of New Jersey and the nation for more than 250 years. With a substantial endowment and experienced staff, Morven is well positioned to begin the next phase in its growth and development. The next Executive Director must have a strong vision for Morven and the skills and drive to make that vision a reality.


Responsibilities Include:


Leadership. Accelerates progress in achieving the vision, mission, values, and goals of Morven by influencing and guiding internal and external constituencies. Brings fresh perspectives and new approaches to community leadership and strategic plan implementation. Understands that effective leaders are approachable, active listeners, who engage with, and value the life experience and perspectives of, others.


Management. Builds and supports a staff of committed individuals, while creating an equitable and inclusive work environment that fosters a healthy work/life balance. Encourages a participatory and inclusive culture. Works to strengthen and grow the skills and qualifications of the organization through ongoing staff development.


Vision. Morven seeks a leader who can work with the Board of Trustees, the staff, and external stakeholders to develop a clear vision and strategic plan for the future of the organization. That strategic plan will build upon the existing services and relationships of the organization. The Executive Director will create and work with a network of external supporters to promote that vision and make it a reality.


Relationships. Connects, engages, and inspires all stakeholders. Works transparently, comfortably, and effectively with diverse constituencies in many different settings. Builds and maintains effective relationships that translate into successful collaborations, impactful initiatives, and diverse funding streams.


Communications. The Executive Director will be a persuasive and charismatic communicator who can elevate the profile of Morven, expanding the community’s understanding of the museum’s history, mission, and services. Promotes Morven to stakeholders, the media, funders, and partners. Understands the importance of strategic communications and knows how to tell stories that inspire, while making topics compelling and accessible.


Executive Leadership. The Executive Director will have the skills and competencies to provide oversight for the operational and financial management of a complex, multi-faceted organization. The individual must be a strategic thinker and problem solver who creates a team environment, solving problems through a healthy and intentional reliance on staff, and is committed to ongoing professional development.


Team Building and Mentoring. The Executive Director will hire, cultivate, develop, and inspire a cohesive, high-performing team. In doing so the Executive Director will have a strong focus on staff development as well as a demonstrated ability to bring passion, vision, direction, business discipline, and inspiration to the organization. The successful candidate will be a good listener and open to dialogue and critical conversations that lead to shared success. A management approach that is accessible, collaborative, and empowering must be demonstrated and balanced by results-oriented accountability.


Fundraising. Provides leadership for strategies that increase Morven’s fundraising results. Understands the dynamics of effective fundraising systems and works collaboratively with Board and staff members to achieve the museum’s financial goals. Has experience building durable and effective relationships with funders and donors and has had success in personally raising funds.


Program Development.  Works with the staff and Board to develop engaging programs and exhibits that tell an authentic story of Morven and the local communities. Builds the perception of Morven as a community gathering place, resource, and catalyst for the better understanding of our shared history. Ensures that Morven is seen as a responsible steward, committed to telling an authentic and inclusive story of our history while caring for and preserving the resources with which it has been entrusted.


Business Acumen. Leads creation of strategic, financial, and operational plans, ensuring coordination and alignment of all activities, initiatives and programs within Morven’s vision, mission, and values. Manages a fiscally sustainable organization and brings mission-based focus and financial rigor to opportunity assessment. Enhances infrastructures and systems to support the work of staff and the organization’s operating results. Establishes metrics for performance and measures of success for all facets of the museum’s operations. Assesses organizational capacity to implement strategies, identifies gaps in systems and staffing, and develops plans for correction, contingency, and succession.  


Governance. Has experience working with and/or serving on governing boards and understands how to advance the Board’s work as the museum’s strategic governing body. Develops issues for Board review, discussion, input, and action. Helps the Board maintain an effective nominating process and ensures a thorough orientation for new Board members. Advocates for, and supports, the Board’s oversight and performance.


Integrity. Maintains stewardship and accountability for the organization’s overall operational, ethical, and fiduciary integrity within the guidelines and policies set by the Board and applicable laws and/or regulations.


The annual salary range for this position is between $150,000- $170,000, with a targeted midpoint of $160,000. The comprehensive benefits package includes health, dental, vision, group life insurance, a 401(k) plan, and EAP benefits program. Morven observes ten paid holidays each year and offers Paid Time Off as well as Sick Leave.


To apply, please send a current resume and letter of introduction to Kittleman & Associates, LLC at:


For more information about Morven Museum & Garden, please visit Morven Museum & Garden: 

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