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Conference Committee Volunteers Needed

The Small Museum Association is always seeking qualified Conference Committee volunteers.

The Small Museum Association is an all-volunteer organization serving the museum community. SMA's mission is to develop and maintain a peer network among people who work for small museums, giving them opportunities to learn, share knowledge, and support one another, so that they, in turn, can better serve their institutions, communities, and profession.

The Conference Committee is a working committee. With support from the Board of Directors, we manage the planning and execution of SMA's annual conference. This is an opportunity to work with a great team, network with museums professionals, and give back to the field. Committee members receive free conference registration and hotel stay.

Committee Positions

Conference Committee Chair

The Conference Committee Chair sits on the Board of Directors and provides direction and guidance to the Committee, setting deadlines and keeping everyone on task. Responsibilities include organizing files, scheduling monthly meetings, preparing agendas, sending monthly reports to the Board of Directors, working with the Treasurer on the conference budget, and more.

Speaker Coordinator

The Speaker Coordinator(s) create the Call for Proposals (CFP), assist in finding the keynote and plenary speakers, select speakers, create the conference schedule, and collect speaker/session information for publishing. Speaker Coordinator(s) also develop a list of speakers’ AV needs, work with Chair to meet these needs, and more.

Resource Hall Coordinator

The Resource Hall Coordinator solicits vendors and sponsors for the conference. Their responsibilities include designing a registration package schedule, helping vendors complete their registration, coordinating with Marketing Committee to include vendor logos for website/digital program/marketing, assisting the Silent Auction Coordinator in securing auction items, designing the Resource Hall Passport, and more.

Conference Registrar

The Conference Registrar is responsible for all things related to conference registration for attendees, vendors, and speakers. Their responsibilities include updating the registration portal on SMA's website with conference theme, dates, etc., monitoring incoming conference registrations, ensuring all board and conference committee members, conference speakers, resource hall presenters, and scholarship winners are registered appropriately, and more.

Hotel and Events Coordinator

The Hotel and Events Coordinator is responsible for liaising with the conference hotel and planning events. Their responsibilities include to assist Chair and Board President with negotiating the hotel contract, coordinating meals, finding a location for first night reception, booking hotel rooms for Committee members/scholarship winners, and more.

Scholarships and Awards Coordinator

The Scholarships and Awards Coordinator is responsible for reviewing and selecting applicants for SMA and partner funded scholarships. Their responsibilities include creating the application form, reviewing applications with two other committee members, notifying selected scholarship recipients, coordinating with the Hotel and Events Coordinator to reserve rooms for scholarship winners, leading winners in their moderation of sessions, overseeing the selection, purchase, and engraving of individual awards, and more.

Accessibility Coordinator

The Accessibility Coordinator is responsible for ensure the conference is ADA accessible to the greatest extent possible and SMA meets its commitment to accessibility. Their responsibilities include coordinating with accessibility services and ASL interpreters, budgeting with the Chair and Treasurer, negotiating ASL interpretation contracts, managing other accessibility requests (i.e., wheelchair needs, etc.) and more.

Silent Auction Coordinator

The Silent Auction Coordinator is responsible for the silent auction, which is during the annual conference and benefits SMA. Their responsibilities include working with the Resource Hall Coordinator to solicit auction items, soliciting auction items from attendees, working with the treasurer to ensure money raised by the silent auction is deposited appropriately.


SMA Conference Committee members are asked to:  

  • Attend the annual conference in February 
  • Attend an annual retreat with the SMA Board of Directors (usually held in October near the next conference location, but virtual attendance is possible)
  • Participate in monthly Committee meetings, held virually
  • Work with and support other Committee members
  • Use their networks to promote SMA’s annual conference to potential attendees, exhibitors, and sponsors

Application and Selection Process

Candidates must complete the online application and email a resume or CV as a PDF along with a reference contact to

Selected candidates will be notified when their preferred position becomes available.

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