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29 Feb 2024 3:17 PM | Jackie Patillo
  • Job Title: General Manager of the Dove Center & Gospel Music Museum


    About The GMA & GMAF:

    Founded in 1964, the GMA serves a richly diverse community of creatives and professionals within the Christian and Gospel Music industry.  Through the GMA Foundation, we aim to preserve the legacies of our genre’s trailblazers while celebrating the work of today’s artists through worldwide events like the GMA Dove Awards,


    The GMA is expanding its reach and is currently building The Dove Center and Gospel Music Museum, scheduled to open in the summer of 2025. This will be a world-class hub of inspiration, and education, honoring all musical styles and its powerful message of faith.   A vibrant tourist destination and event space, the Dove Center will also serve to nurture the next generation of creatives via compelling programs. 

    Job Summary: The General Manager of the Dove Center & Gospel Music Museum is responsible for providing leadership, strategic direction, fundraising, and overall Museum management. They will play a crucial role in the community by communicating the mission and maximizing the space for community engagement and events.


    Salary Range - $65,000 - $80,000  

    Location – Nashville, TN

    Key Responsibilities:

    1.  Center Leadership:
    - Communicate the Dove Center's vision, mission, and goals.

    - Build a team that will uphold the values and objectives of the GMAF

    - Hire preopening staff positions such as Operations Director, Guest Services, and needed contractors.
    - Provide strategic leadership, guidance, and training to the staff and volunteers.

    - Work with the Dove Center building team and designers during pre-open

    2.  Financial Management:
    - Work with the President to create the annual budget and manage accordingly.

    - Seek and secure funding through grants, donations, and sponsorships.

    - Cultivate relationships with donors, sponsors and supporters to secure funding for ongoing operations, special projects, and future expansions.
    - Ensure fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

    - Oversee ticketing and retail sales

    3. Exhibit and Program Development:
    - Oversee the creation, maintenance, and enhancement of exhibits and educational programs related to Christian and gospel music.
    - Collaborate with curators, educators, and content experts to develop engaging and informative displays and events.

     4.  Collections Management:
    - Work with the curator to ensure the proper cataloging, preservation, and care of museum collections.
    - Develop and implement collection policies and best practices.

    5. Community and Public Relations:

    - Act as a liaison between the Dove Center & Gospel Music Museum and the community

    - Develop and maintain partnerships with artists, industry leaders, local organizations, churches, and educational institutions to enhance community engagement

    - Work with the Operations Director to coordinate events within the space for industry and community functions

    - Organize and participate in outreach activities to raise awareness of the center and its mission

    6. Educational Outreach:
    - Develop educational initiatives and programs for schools, the music community, and the public.
    - Facilitate workshops, lectures, and guided tours for visitors.

    7. Marketing and Promotion:
    - Work with the Marketing Director to develop and implement marketing and promotional strategies to attract visitors and increase museum visibility.

    8. Facility Management:

    - Oversee the museum's facilities, ensuring they are well-maintained, safe, and accessible.

    9. Board Relations:

    - Reports to the President
    - Work with the GMAF’s board of directors, providing regular updates and seeking their input and support.

    10. Legal and Regulatory Compliance:
    - Ensure the museum complies with all relevant laws and regulations, including those  


  • ·      Bachelor's degree in a relevant field (e.g., museum studies, arts management, cultural history).
  • ·      Proven experience in museum management, preferably at the executive level.
  • ·      Knowledge and appreciation of Christian and gospel music and its cultural significance.
  • ·      Knowledge of current industry leaders, artists, managers and agents.
  • ·      Strong leadership and organizational skills.
  • ·      Excellent communication and public speaking abilities.
  • ·      Fundraising and grant-writing experience.
  • ·      Financial management and budgeting skills.
  • ·      Proficiency in software and technology.
  • ·      Experience with collections management and preservation.
  • ·      Strong interpersonal and community engagement skills.
  • ·      Knowledge of legal and regulatory requirements for museums and nonprofits.

Contact -

Jackie Patillo, President of GMA





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